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Online Courses and Requirements
Maritime Institute's courses and tests are approved by the United States Coast Guard and National Maritime Center in lieu of taking the exams at the USCG Regional Exam Center. Our school and some of our courses are approved by POST for all California Law Enforcement such as DEA, Marshalls, Border Police, Customs, Harbor Police, Sheriffs and Police.

Final Exams:
If you are requesting a credential from the USCG you will be required to take a final exam in person. The final exams are given by NMC approved proctors at one of our approved testing sites.

Captain's License: OUPV or Master up to 100 Ton

Online Tuition: $935.00

Why settle for less when you're qualified for so much more? Other maritime education companies offer you a Captain's License course that only qualifies you for a OUPV/6-PACK license, which is limited to operating uninspected vessels only, carrying six or less paying passengers.

Our 2 week U.S. Coast Guard approved Captain's course meets the written examination requirement for not only the OUPV/6-PACK License; but also for the following licenses:

  • Master or Mate Near Coastal not more than 100 tons
  • Master or Mate Inland not more than 100 tons
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels up to 100 tons

Please visit the license requirements page for the USCG requirements for each of these licenses. If you are qualified for the OUPV License, taking our course also qualifies you for the Master Inland License. Our staff can answer your questions about which level of license you are qualified for.

Course subjects include:

  • Rules of the Road, International and Inland
  • Deck General, Code of Federal Regulations
  • Navigation General including Aids to Navigation
  • Chart Plotting Navigation

Additional course materials needed:

  • USCG Navigational Rules of the Road Book, International and Inland
  • Maritime Institute Mariner's Guide to Rules of the Road" Training Aid
  • Plotting Tools: We recommend Weems and Plath Roll Plotter #120, Ultralight Divider #176 and
       Triangle #101
  • Calculator
  • Mechanical pencil.

These items are all available for purchase online at our "Ship's Store" or at our San Diego location. Order from Maritime Institute and save!

Captain's License Upgrade: OUPV to Master Near Coastal or Master Inland

Online Tuition: $357.50

This twenty-four (24) hour USCG Approved Online (distance learning) course will satisfy all the examinations for upgrade of a merchant mariner credential from OUPV Near Coastal or Great Lakes & Inland or Inland Waters to a credential of Master or Mate of not more than 100 gross tons upon Near Coastal, or Great Lakes & Inland or Inland Waters ;

OR increase the scope of a credential of Master or Mate of not more than 100 gross tons upon Great Lakes & Inland or Inland Waters TO Master or Mate of not more than 100 gross tons upon Near Coastal Waters.

Course subjects include:

  • Deck General
  • Basic Safety
  • General Navigation

                                                              • License Upgrade: Master 100 Ton to Master 200 Ton

                                                                Online Tuition: $325.00

The Upgrade Master 100 Tons to Master 200 Tons Course will satisfy the examination requirements for upgrade of your MMC from Master 100 gross tons to Master or Mate of not more than 200 gross ton Great Lakes, Inland, or Near Coastal. To receive the upgrade from Master 100 Ton to Master 200 Ton you must meet the USCG requirements. The checklist can be found on the National Maritime Center's website.

As with all our online courses this is done at your own pace and when it's most convenient for you. You have up to 4 weeks to complete the course but most of our students complete it in a lot less time.

Course subjects include:

Navigation General

Once you complete the online practice and final exam you will have 45 days to complete a proctored USCG Approved Exam at one of our approved locations. Upon successful completion of this exam you will receive a Course Completion Certificate that is valid for 1 year.

Able Seaman

Online Tuition: $925.00

Maritime Institute's one-week Able Seaman course is a real value. You can test with us right at the conclusion of the course instead of having to test with the U.S. Coast Guard at a Regional Exam Center.

Applicants who successfully complete the course and who present the Maritime Institute Certificate of Training at a U.S. Coast Guard Regional Exam Center within one year of the completion of training will satisfy the written examination requirements of 46 CFR 12.05-9 for the Deck General & Navigation General and Deck Safety & Rules of the Road exam modules for any Able Seaman endorsement.

An Able Seaman may be called on to use emergency, lifesaving, damage control, and safety equipment. Able seamen perform all operations connected with the launching of lifesaving equipment. An Able Seaman is expected to be able to operate deck machinery, such as the windlass or winches while mooring or unmooring, and to operate cargo gear.

Note: This course does not satisfy the training or assessment requirements of Section A-II/4 and Table A-II/4 of the STCW Code for Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch.

Assistance Towing Endorsement

Online Tuition: $110.00

This four (4) hour USCG Approved course meets the written examination requirement to receive an Assistance Towing endorsement on your OUPV 6-Pack or Master's License. This endorsement is required if you will be engaged in towing a disabled vessel for payment.

Any USCG license of 200 tons or less, including an OUPV license, may be endorsed for Assistance towing. This endorsement authorizes the holder to engage in commercial assistance towing within the scope of their license.

Course subjects include:

  • Rules of the Road
  • Towing terms and definitions
  • Towing equipment, Towing Hazards and Towing Setup

Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement

Online Tuition: $110.00

This Four (4) hour U. S. Coast Guard approved course meets the written examination requirement for a candidate holding a USCG Master or Mate license to obtain a Sailing or Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement.

This endorsement is required if you plan on operating an Inspected Sailing Vessel. It is not required if you plan on operating an Uninspected Sailing Vessel with passengers for hire.

To receive this on a Master Inland or Mate Near Coastal license you must document at least 180 days on a sail or auxiliary sail vessel.

To receive this on a Master Near Coastal license you must document at least 360 days on a sail or auxiliary sail vessel.

Course subjects include:

  • Rules of the Road
  • Parts of the sailing vessel and sail
  • Sailing terms and definitions

Rules of the Road

Online Tuition: $165.00

This ten and one half (10-1/2) hour course teaches the international navigation rules and regulations for preventing collisions at sea and the Inland Navigation Rules; also known as the Rules of the Road; or the Nav Rules.

A "must do" essential starter course for unlicensed captains new to recreational boating, yachting or fishing.

Online Course Requirements

Course Length: Course Length: Course completion varies course by course. Please contact our offices for exact completion times.

Course Registration: To register to attend a Maritime Institute on-line course, please Click Here to fill out the Course Registration Form and follow the instructions on the form.

Refunds: If you drop before your first log in to the online course of the class you will receive a refund minus the cost of the course materials.

Course Materials: You will receive a course book, reference publications, and training charts. Course materials will be sent out upon payment for the course. It is very important that we get a correct mailing address to get the materials to you in a timely manner.

Beginning the Course: You will be able to start as soon as you receive your course materials and Log On information from us.

Identification: As part of our approval, you must submit to us a copy of your government issued photo ID. You must also supply a copy of this ID and show the original of it to the Proctor when you take your final examination. This is used to confirm a student's identity.

Course Assistance: You will receive a special email address so that one of our USCG approved instructors can receive and answer your question or they will be more than happy to call you.

Course Incomplete: If you cannot complete the course within the time limit, there are only two options.
          First option, a no-passing grade is recorded and there is no ability to take the final exams.

          Second option, an incomplete can be requested. You will need to re-enroll in the course within 90 days of
          your incomplete request date. Your past on-line efforts are removed and you start the class over. Only one
          incomplete will be granted.

Final Exams: These are required if you are requesting a license from the USCG. The final exams are given by NMC approved proctors at our approved testing sites. We are working hard to get as many strategically located sites throughout the country. However, it can take over eight weeks to get new sites and proctors approved. Therefore you must plan on taking the required exam at one of the already approved locations. You need to take the final exam no later than 45 day after the class end date. As you work through the class, determine when you want to take the final exam and let us know.

Retest Policy: If you fail any section of the Final exam you may retest on the section(s) twice if necessary within 90 days of the original test day. If you do not successfully complete testing within the 90 day time frame you MUST take the entire course over again! We will let you retake the course within 1 year of your initial start date at no charge for the course, there will be an examination fee charged. If you go over the 1 year date there is no discount for the course.

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