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Below are answers to many of the most frequently asked questions the Maritime Institute receives.

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Q: Are your maritime courses approved by the U.S. Coast Guard?

A: All Maritime Institute Courses and Tests have been approved by the United States Coast Guard.

Q: What is your passing success rate?

A: 96-98%

Q: What classes other than Captain do you offer?

A: Able Seaman, Radar, Celestial Navigation, Master 200 Ton Upgrade, Master-First Mate 500 GT to Third Mate, CPR/First Aid, One-day License Renewal, and FCC Radio License, Bridge Resource Management

Q: Of those classes which ones are approved for testing?

A: Essentially everything except the 500 Gross Ton-Third Mate.

Q: How long is the Captain's (6-Pak/100-Ton) License course?

A: 80 hours as required by the United States Coast Guard (2 weeks, usually Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm).

Q: Is the Captain's (6-Pak/100-Ton) License course computer based?

A: No, a professional instructor teaches all 80 hours.

Q: Do I have to take the USCG exam after taking the Captain's (6-Pak/100-Ton) License course?

A: No, the USCG in lieu of their exam honors the exam we administer on the last day of class.

Q: Will I learn everything asked on the exam in the course?

A: Along with your required outside boating experience, this intense, fast-paced course is jam packed with the knowledge covered on our exam. We wrote our course and we wrote our exam, both with full USCG approval.

Q: What do I need in order to be ready for the beginning of class?

A: Pre-register to get the course book. You will need the book "Navigation Rules (International-Inland)" by the US Department of Transportation USCG, Navigational Gear (Triangle, Roll Plotter, and Dividers) and a basic function calculator. These items are available for purchase through Maritime Institute. It is recommended that you receive your course and "Navigation Rules" books at least one month in advance. This is to ensure that you have had ample time to go through and learn the 200 Rules of the Road questions listed in the course book.

Q: Must all of my forms (USCG application, sea service letters, reference letters, physical, drug screening) be filled out prior to attending the course?

A: No, but we recommend having your packet as near to completion as possible so you will be that much closer to receiving your license. We will also be happy to check your completed packet before you submit it to the USCG.

Q: Does successfully completing the Captain's (6-Pack/100-Ton) License course guarantee me a US Coast Guard Captain's License?

A: No, your license is based on the USCG's evaluation of your entire packet, plus the certificate issued upon successful completion of our course.

Q: What license will I receive from the USCG?

A: The USCG determines the type and tonnage of your license based on your sea time and vessel tonnage experience. Basic Guide: 360 days = 6-Pak; 720 days = tonnage license (for 100 GT, 360 of the 720 days must be on vessels 35 GT or greater, otherwise the license will be limited to 25 GT or 50 GT.)

Q: What can I do once I am a Captain?

A: Yacht Delivery, Sailing Instruction, Private Yacht Captain, Scuba and Skin Diving Charters, Backwater or Offshore Fishing Guides, Local Sightseeing Tours for Hotels or Resorts, Yacht Broker or Manufacturer's Representative, Captain for Caribbean Sailing Charter Operations, Showing Waterfront Property for Realtors and their Customers, Picnic Charter Cruises Along Beaches and Islands, Operation of Sightseeing or Ferry Vessels, Operating Yacht Club or Resort Launches, Para-Sail or Water Ski Operations, Demonstrating Boats for Dealers, Commercial Towing Assistance, Instructor at Maritime Institute, Tug Boat Captain, Park Ranger, River Guide.

Q: Am I liable or do I carry additional responsibility for what happens aboard a vessel on which I am a passenger?

A: You have no additional responsibility because you are a captain aboard a vessel operated by someone else. If something happens involving a vessel you are operating, you have exactly the same liability as before you obtained your license. The only difference is that you may lose your license.

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