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U.S.C.G. Navigational Rules, International and Inland
Complete copy of the Inland and International Navigation Rules as presented by the United States Coast Guard required for all vessels over 12 meters. This book is REQUIRED for all our licensing courses.

Price: $14.00

Maritime Institute "Mariner's Guide to Rules of the Road" Navigational Study Aid

The Mariner's Guide to Rules of the Road has been developed by Maritime Institute to help students and mariners understand and learn The Rules of the Road.

The Mariner's Guide to Rules of the Road is a valuable memory aid. Some individuals learn better by being able to "visualize" the lights and sounds that are a part of the rules. We recommend copying "The Mariner's Guide to Rules of the Road" many times. You will then be learning the rules and not just memorizing questions and answers. Our students that are able to copy this from memory on test day seem to be more relaxed and do better on the exam. Remember to look on the reverse side as there are many "sayings" that are memory aids also.

Price: $15.00

Weems & Plath Ultralight Dividers/Compass

These robustly built dividers weigh only 3 oz. and are heftier than standard size dividers. Made in Germany of a coated marine alloy to resist corrosion. Gear synchronized arms allow one-hand use and provide excellent point alignment, while the center wheel/extension bar construction allows for fast action and precision adjustments. The Weems & Plath Ultralight features hardened stainless steel points and is fully adjustable. Replace a point with lead (supplied), and it becomes a navigator's compass. Length 7".

Price: $21.00

Weems & Plath Slide Rule

Use in upgrade and advanced radar classes. Gives immediate solution to all speed-time-distance problems. Equally applicable for nautical or statute miles. Speed in knots or m.p.h., time in hours, minutes, or seconds, and distance in nautical or statute miles (or yards if desired, and if speed is in knots.) Easy to read and accurate. Standard in U.S. Navy. Dims: 7-3/8" square.

Price: $23.00

Weems & Plath Roll Plotter

This instrument consists of a plotter mounted on a roller. The plotter contains distance scales at 1:20,000, 1:40,000, and 1:80,000 to fit the N.O.S. Coast and Harbor Charts, as well as an inch scale. Included are a semi-circular protractor for measuring courses and bearings against a meridian on the chart, and two quarter circle protractors for measuring courses and bearings against a parallel of latitude. Courses and parallel lines are transferred and kept parallel by means of two rollers which are mounted on a slide axis. Used for measuring or laying off courses and distances on a nautical chart. Instructions included. Dims: 3.5" x 12.5".

Price: $23.00

Weems & Plath Protractor Triangle w/ Handle

This triangle is inscribed with contrast enhancing colors making it easier to use. Using two 45° triangles provides an easy method of plotting and performing chart work. With its protractor scales, the triangle is easily aligned in any direction with a chart meridian. Direction is maintained as one triangle is slid along the other to the desired position. Durable, clear vinylite. Short sides 7-1/2"

Price: $15.00

Complete Plotting Tools Set

Slide Rule, Roll Plotter and Protractor Triangle

Price: $59.00

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