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This page contains links to printable PDFs of various forms, examples, check lists, documents and publications that you will find useful to your maritime career.

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U. S. Coast Guard Checklists and Forms

The following checklists provide information, letters and filings which have to be submitted to the U.S. Coast Guard when applying for Captain's licenses.

Download and print the appropriate check list below for the license you want to apply for. It will tell you the forms you need to download in order to complete the application process.

Important Note: All requirements listed on a check list must be sent in one complete packet to a U.S. Coast Guard Regional Examination Center for evaluation.

The Maritime Institute will be glad to check your application packet once it is complete and organized in the order on the check list.

Maritime Institute Checklist and Forms

Original Credential Checklist - What to submit - The steps listed on this page will help you with your application process.

OUPV to Master Upgrade Checklist

License Renewal Checklist

Merchant Mariner Credential Checklist - Entry Level Only

Able Seaman Credential Checklist

Pay.Gov Instructions

Current Course Schedule

Course Price List

 2014 Annual Report California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)
         Maritime Institute's School Performance Fact Sheet
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             - Maritime Technical Education

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Maritime Institute Course Catalog

Course Catalog - Please call us at 619-225-1783 or Toll Free to 888-262-8020 if you would like to receive our Complete Course Catalog.

License Application Forms and Documents

Basic Requirements for Lower Level Licenses/Credentials - You must be able to document the required number of days for the license/credential you are seeking. 90 Days of the required seatime MUST HAVE BEEN WITHIN THE LAST THREE YEARS

USCG Application for License or License Renewal - Covers Captain's Licenses Master/Mate Near Coastal, Master/Mate Inland, Operator of Uninspected Vessel (OUPV/6-Pack); or Merchant Mariner's Document.

USCG License Fee Schedule - Contains U.S. Coast Guard fees assessed for new licenses, license renewals, and license upgrades.

USCG Physical Exam - Merchant Mariner Credential - Applicants seeking an original, renewal, or raise in grade credential are required to complete this form and submit it to the U.S. Coast Guard.

USCG Physical Exam - Entry Level Only - Applicants seeking an entry credential (often referred to as a Z-card) must complete this physical. All othere applicants must complete the Merchant Mariner Credential Physical Form.

USCG Convictions Disclosure - Applicants that are answering 'yes' to any of the questions in section III(2) may use this form to discllose the particulars of their convictions.

USCG Periodic Drug Test Form - This form may be used to satisfy the requirements for "Periodic Drug Testing" in accordance with Title 46 CFR 16.220. If you participate in a USCG "random or pre-employment drug test program," this form may not be necessary. (See page 2 of the form for details).

USCG Small Vessel Sea Service - This form is used to submit your record of underway sea service to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Military Service Records Form - This form contains the information normally needed to verify your military service.

Sea Service Letter Multiple Vessels One Employer - This document contains instructions for an employer who is going to attest to your sea service on multiple vessels.

Sea Service Letter Single Vessel - This document contains instructions for an employer who is going to attest to your sea service on single vessels.

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