SOS Distress Light
When a boating emergency occurs, the difference between life & death can sometimes depend on how long your distress signalling devices last. Or in extreme cases such as a man overboard, whether it can float! Features include:
  • When combined with a daytime distress signal flag (included), this electronic flare complies with all USCG requirements for day and night use in lieu of traditional flares, so technically, you would never be required to buy flares again although the Maritime Institute is not recommending that.

  • The SOS Distress Light continuously flashes the SOS light sequence - Visible up to 10 nautical miles.

  • It floats with lens-up to optimize both the all-around horizontal and vertical light beams.

  • Battery operated by 3 C-cell batteries (not included)

  • Simple twist-on operation.

  • No expiration date or hazardous waste disposal issues.

  • Made in U.S.A.

Price: $100.00

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